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Destiny in Black from Nelly's Paradise

Tricolour bitch born 07.06.2011

MDR-1: +/+, eyes: CEA, Kat, Prat: Free   HD: A

Dina comes from Nelly's Paradise in Germany and arrived when she was 9 weeks old. A little black darling with lots of guts and full of charm. She isn't afraid of anything and loves her new family with and without fur. 

First time she came near our little lake her eyes caught sight of the searoses and immediately she jumped into the water to get a closer look. So she had to swim and what a lovely surprice: It was so nice and fun. Afterwards she rolled round the grass to get dry and then she was ready to start all over again....

But lying in our arms when she's tired - oh, so comforting and nice.

She's got a nice black colour and with dark eyes and  a really good tancolour and well proportioned shape she'll turn out to be a really beautiful tric. female.