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Bluemeadow’s Queen’s Secret


Sable bitch born 09.05.2008.        HD: A  CRD: Mild

RIP November 2015

Frida is our Finnish sable girl whom I brought home from Helsinki as a 9-week-old little happy girl. She immediately adjusted to her new home and furry friends whom she really loves. Nothing seems to throw her off balance, and she is not only cute and adorable but also full of confidence.

    Frida is the darling of the family and she really charms us into whatever she likes and make us forgive her even when there has been dug a big hole in the lawn :)

    She will be dark sable as she matures and her dark brown almond shaped eyes make your heart beat when she gives you that special collielook. Her body is firm and well angulated with a nice long tail. We have great expectations for her in the future to come.