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Calinacollies' Better Choice

Blue Merle dog, born 04. 09. 2012   HD:    CRD: mild

Buster came here from Calinacollies in western Jutland as an 8-week-old Blue-merle collieboy, who is so lovely in his temper and immediately found a soulmate in his sister Vicki. He is not only charming, but also a sly little boy, who while the other dogs are "discussing" whose turn it is to have the bone or a piece of toy, sneaks in and runs away with it. 

He loves playing, running about and laying in our arm in bed at night. He is a really krystal blue boy with a masculine expression that doesn't only show intelligence but also a teasing look. We are looking forward to see this little blue boy mature into a handsome young colliedog.